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Microsoft Crosswords

Will you be able to complete the puzzles in Microsoft Crosswords? Put your knowledge to the test in this online game. 

You'll be working with clues that involve a variety of topics ranging from history to pop culture in this Microsoft game. It's just one of the fun and intriguing titles you'll find in the Microsoft Ultimate Word Games collection. Explore a variety of maps while you try to accomplish various goals in each level, take on a series of daily challenges, and more.

How to Play Microsoft Crosswords?

Microsoft Crosswords is a word game that features dozens of crossword puzzles. Fill in the empty squares with the answer for each clue.

Game Controls


  • LEFT CLICK to press buttons, select columns and rows, etc.


  • USE THE KEYBOARD to type in answers.

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Who Developed Microsoft Crosswords?

Microsoft Crosswords was created by Microsoft.