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Plenty of excitement awaits you in Crystical! How quickly can match up all of these glittering gems?

You’ll be going up against gamers from all across the planet in this updated version of the beloved match 3 puzzle game. You’ll only get a certain amount of time to earn more points than them in each round. Fortunately, there's plenty of boosters and multipliers that will help you out during each challenging crystal-switching competition!

Using an explosion crystal or a cube will definitely put you one step closer to victory in this 2 player online game! There’s also coins you can earn that will cover the entry fees into thrilling matches and tournaments. Be sure to hone your skills in the tutorial or training modes before you take on some of the world’s best players.

How to Play Crystical?

Crystical is an addictive jewel game. Place identical gems into rows of three or more to remove them from the board. You’ll get powerful boosters every time you link together four. Also try to connect them into T or L shapes. You can earn an awesome lightning crystal!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to navigate the menu.
  • LEFT CLICK AND DRAG to swap crystals on the board.

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  2. 1001 Arabian Nights
  3. Candy Riddles: Free Match 3 Puzzle
  4. Bubble Shooter

Who Developed Crystical?

This edition of Crystical was developed by Agame.

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